From June to September 2012, the Cincinnati Art Museum displayed a portion of its musical instruments collection as The Art of Sound. This collection is one of the most comprehensive in the country.

I developed a custom variation of the Art Museum's institutional typeface, and applied it to invitations, advertising, and exhibition graphics. Working closely with the curator and exhibition designer, I created a color scheme that would allow us to clearly group the instruments by region (complete with explanatory maps).

Tight gallery space and large amounts of casework to keep the instruments safe meant we needed a very flexible labeling system. Labels wrapped around corners and changed color and direction to help our visitors intuitively understand which label accompanied which object.

Client: Cincinnati Art Museum

Curator: Amy Dehan

Exhibition Designer: Eli Meiners

Editor/Copywriter: Andrea Chesney

Production Manager: Kyle Cooper

Cut Vinyl Production and Installation: Brushworks, Cincinnati OH

Photographer: Cincinnati Art Museum Photo Services

Specifications: 6 × 9" invitations, offset; title walls and text panels, cut vinyl