Nick Cave's Soundsuits—both sculptural and performance art—were displayed in the Cincinnati Art Museum from January to April 2012. Due to space concerns and a desire to showcase these Soundsuits in close proximity to objects from the Art Museum's permanent collection, they were installed in several galleries, requiring a wayfinding system and map pinpointing the locations of each suit.

I developed a simple wayfinding system composed of floor markers that overlapped and danced their way from Soundsuit to Soundsuit. Using a map guide (which unfolded to be a keepsake poster), visitors could choose their own journey through the art museum.

Client: Cincinnati Art Museum

Curator: Cynthia Amneus

Exhibition Designer: Eli Meiners

Editor/Copywriter: Andrea Chesney

Production Manager: Kyle Cooper

Cut Vinyl Production and Installation: Brushworks, Cincinnati Ohio

Photographer: All Soundsuit images by James Prinz, gallery images by Cincinnati Art Museum Photo Services

Specifications: 6 × 9" invitation and map guide, offset; title walls, text panels and floor markers, cut vinyl